Members of our protective service officers union receive top-rated representation to uphold their rights as an individual and security officer. Our services include collective bargaining.

Member Representation:
As a member of our security union, we offer a variety of member benefits to ensure that your rights are   acknowledged in the workplace. We provide representation, assistance, and litigation as you deal with:


Employers & Employer Investigation

Disciplinary Issues


Accusations of Wrong Doings by Employers

File & Process Grievances against Unfair Treatment in the Workplace


Member Benefits:
We join forces with several leading benefit providers to find the best plans for each of our members, including health insurance and pensions.

 As part of the collective bargaining process, we always negotiate for the best possible member benefits.

Collective Bargaining:
Our mediators negotiate with employers to bargain for higher wages, better benefits, and working conditions. Once a fair and just agreement has            been made, we ensure that it is fully enforced.

National Labor Relations Board:
We will file claims with the National Labor Relations Board, as well as complaints against employers who violate your rights under the National Labor Relations Act. We will also file Board actions to afford your democratic choice of union representation for your issues.

Service Contract Act:
Our team of mediators has more than 20 years of experience in working with every aspect of the Service Contract Act (SCA).

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to learn more about our security union and member representation.



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