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Ron Mikell, President

I am a retired police officer out of Glynn County Georgia. In Georgia, I am considered an intellectual but unfortunately the bar of erudition is often kind of low. I was born in the South and I am by birth a southerner but my only sop to my Southern heritage is an occasional “ya’ll and grits on my eggs.

Dad was in the Air Force and to this day after passing his 84th birthday still lists his phone number in what old people called  “the phone book” as  Master Sergeant Mikell. I was born on an Air Force base in Texas in the era of Lyndon Johnson where every Texas townl large enough for a post office had an airbase or an Army post

Dad was born in Georgia but when he joined the Air Force, he thought he had joined the Texas Air Force. He volunteered for  Vietnam (twice) to get out of Texas. He did think the Viet Cong were more friendly than many folks in Texas, a sentiment my son also shared as regards to the Iraquis 50 years later when he trained in West Texas before his first trip over there.

I have two sons, one a career Army Master Sergeant. the other did one tour and got his degree, married and gave me three               grandchildren. My daughter runs her own family oil company and the senior services of her county in the coldest state in America.

I joined the Navy because I could do my service on a ship, I like to eat regularly and fly only when I want to go somewhere of m  choosing.

I did electronics after the Navy and moved back to my hometown in Georgia which I had avoided since high school. The only job I got there was climbing poles for the cable television franchise. I applied for a police job and became a Glynn County Police Officer at $6.01 in 1984 and five years later was running the Union of all police officers in my part of Georgia.  I left the PD in 1995 and became a Federal Contract Guard when the business I started on serving subpoenas and lawsuits as well was closed down by County Government when my associate served a lawsuit on the county government.

My wife was a Federal Employee and she got a promotion, we moved from Georgia to Oregon where I again became a Federal Contract Guard and after two years I was running the Union in Oregon and Washington. I did Union work as a volunteer until my wife got a promotion and transferred to Washington DC. I followed and became a contract guard again. after a couple of years I was running the Union at the Depart of Justice I decided to start a Union and assembled a team, it now stretches across the country and I am quite proud to be associated with the NLJSP, it’s officers and members.

Jimmy Napolitano, Vice President

bio coming soon

Horace “Chalie” Parker, Treasure/Secretary

My name is Horace “Charlie” Parker. I was raised in Detriot, Michigan. Joined the U. S. Navy in 1958 and served until 1962. Shortly after discharge I joined the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington D. C. and retired in 1983 after 20 years. My last three years I was administrative Sergeant for Chief Issac Fulwood. While on the department I had various other assignments i.e Narcotics Squad and supervisor of the 6th district's gambling unit. After retirement I trained race horses for several years. One of my accomplishments was receeipt  of honorary citizenship of the city of Baltimore, Md Along with numerous races won over the years. Around 2013 I was one of the founding officers of the NLJSP.

Lamar Layne, NCR Director

My parents came to the United States from their native country of Panama. My dad served in the United States Army, and that led to their path of citizenship in this country. After bouncing around a bit, they settled down in New York; where I was born. I grew up in a section of Brooklyn called East New York, it was a tough place to live i, especially, in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

After graduating from high school, I made my way to Washington DC to attend Howard University. I later took some time off from school, and was looking for employment. My aunt had just became a recruiter for a security company. she encouraged me to apply. I became a PSO in 2002. Yours later in 2010, I got interested and involved with union operations. Over the years, I went from a representative to the president of a local, to now a board member of the NLJSP.

This June will mark the 5th year I have married to my beautiful wife. We have a 4 year old Daughter, and 2 your old twin boys. the kids keep us very busy, and tired! when I get any free time, I like to spend it playing poker, traveling, or listening to all types of music.